A CBD that lives up
to its claims.

The Challenge

Establish credibility and awareness while overcoming the negative perceptions of the CBD and the natural wellness industry.

The Problem

The CBD industry is growing at a rapid rate. Meanwhile, less than 30% of CBD brands are what they say they are on the label due to the slow rate of FDA approvals and difficulty getting US Hemp certified.

Our Approach

We are who we say we are. We need to tell a compelling brand story with messaging that overcomes the difficult ad restrictions from Google and Facebook, while giving credibility to our brand and formulation, allowing consumers to trust our product above others.

Brand Position

We are born of leading medical experts—perfectly formulated to achieve the perfectly balanced body.

Brand Promise

We deliver the best and strongest formulated product to our customers searching for a solution to help ease their pain, anxiety, and achieve better sleep.

Services Provided

Research & Strategy

Competitive Landscape Mapping

Audience Segmentation

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand Character


Brand Identity Design

Packaging Design & Production

Messaging Framework

Media Narrative

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