Growing a B2B client in an ecommerce jungle

A tiger stares into the camera. It’s orange and white with striking black stripes. The background is dark and out of focus to make anything out.


ESW is the leader in direct-to-consumer (DTC) global commerce. From beauty and apparel to luxury goods, gaming, and electronics, ESW can handle any industry pillar looking to sell consumer goods to new audiences around the world. They optimize the customer experience and make it feel as if items ship from a consumer's own backyard no matter where they are.

However, international e-commerce is a massive undertaking that takes a lot of time and resources to implement, so most companies shy away from it. ESW needed customers to be aware that while domestic DTC brands are working just fine, DTC brands that scale globally are dominating. If DTC companies don’t take their business international, they’re missing out on a large chunk of the market. ESW needed help making this jump sound less scary, so they called upon Headword to help consumers face their fears.

Services Provided

  • Campaigns
  • Experiential
  • Research & Strategy
  • Video & Animation
The image of the tiger is accompanied with the words, “Global DTC ecommerce can feel like the wild.” That image is split down the middle with an orange house kitten on the other side with the text, “We’re here to tame it.”
An ad features the text “scale bravely.” Dots cover two-thirds of the right side. The dots are small at the top and increasing in size closer to the bottom.


We launched a B2B campaign focused on overcoming the false perception that scaling DTC across borders is daunting. We showed that not only does ESW make it easy, there’s also nothing to fear when expanding.

Three ad mockups show how easy it is to scale a DTC business. Each features a tear down the middle of the image to show the contrast. The first is shark and goldfish. The second is a tiger and house cat. The third is a hawk and a duckling.


B2B advertising usually falls pretty flat and isn’t very interesting. Luckily, Headword makes everything interesting! We used animal imagery paired with our campaign message, “Global DTC can feel like the wild. We’re here to tame it,” to break up the monotony of e-commerce B2B marketing. Who doesn’t love cute animals?

A television screen featuring the tiger/kitten ad sits against a teal background.

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