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Starting at $40,000.

3 key takeaways: Strategy – Campaign – Media Management

The Grow package is designed to help already established brands boost their current standing. Maybe you’ve captured the right audience and are looking to grow, or you have a great product but are not sure who your audience is. Or maybe you’ve grown too fast and need help catching up. The Brand Boost package by Headword will give you strategy and audience insights so you can talk to the right people in the right way.

What You Get

  1. Strategy Guide
    • Research
    • Planning
  2. Audience Development
    • Campaign
    • Media Management

Who is It For?

  • Those looking to grow
  • Those looking for help
  • Those looking to go digital
  • Those looking for better strategy
  • Those looking to sell more s#!t

1: Strategy Guide

Research: Working alongside the client team, Headword will interview key stakeholders, review any existing assets/audience data, and analyze the competitive landscape. This will help us understand the nuances of your business and aid in achieving project goals. The conclusion of this phase will be a discovery read-out meeting and corresponding document.

  1. Stakeholder interview(s)
  2. Existing asset analysis
  3. Competitive landscape review
  4. Audience analysis

Planning/Strategy: Once our research and analysis are complete, the Headword team will create the Strategy Guide. The resulting Brand Blueprint will be a critical document in articulating the customer journey, customer persona, brand positioning, and brand character. During this phase, an internal creative brief will also be developed. This map will guide the team to best reach the project goals.

2: Audience Development

Evolving out of research and strategic planning (whether by us or provided), Headword will develop a creative campaign that aligns with your goals and connects with the target audience. Headword will also establish and manage your digital campaign, constantly monitoring, reporting, and optimizing so you’re always getting the best results.

  • Campaign: Headword will create or interpret (if provided by you) a campaign strategy and creative campaign concepts.
  • Media Management: We’ll work with you to activate and deploy your campaign. We’ll be in charge of targeting, testing, and reporting our findings back to you based on the needs of the original campaign strategy.

3: Purchasing


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Success Stories

We needed to find an agency that would elevate our brand presence and create lasting commercial success. Headword achieved this and more. We are grateful for our ongoing partnership.
Jim Manis, Wheelers
From the first meeting, I liked the team and their confidence. They recognized the challenges of my industry and collaborating felt easy. Headword created a strong brand identity for my business and I am confident I chose the right team for this project.
Joe Yang, SuperJoy Coffee
I never thought I could open a business in a global pandemic but… I did! HUGE thank you to the team at Headword for helping make my dream a reality.
Frankie Edwards, Head Canvas Barbershop
Thanks so much… it’s been great working with your team! Will definitely stay in touch.
Mark Kirshner, ESW

Case Studies

Making a barbershop a cut above the rest

Making a barbershop a cut above the rest

Growing a B2B client in an ecommerce jungle

Growing a B2B client in an ecommerce jungle

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Starting at $40,000.
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