The Cutting Room

Making a barbershop a cut above the rest.

The Cutting Room Barber Salon logo is on a glass door. The words circle round a series of six shaving blades pointed to the middle and a pair of scissors in the center.


The Cutting Room Barber Salon is a high-end barbershop located in Fort Worth, Texas, that offers customers premium services at a competitive price. They were in need of a revamped identity and a way to stand out in a saturated, highly loyal market.

Services Provided

  • Brand Identity
  • Campaigns
  • Content Creation
  • Research & Strategy
  • Video & Animation
Some of the images we used to create social posts includes a chair from inside the salon, the Jack Black products used on clients, a boy getting the side of his head shaved, and the stylists who work there.
An ad concept says, “You’re not paying for our TVs.” The background is a TV with a football game on and barber chairs sitting next to it.


After giving their brand marks an updated look, we researched the local barbershop market and discovered Cutting Room’s unique position. The focus of The Cutting Room is the craft. Led by two master barbers, the idea behind The Cutting Room is not to gatekeep knowledge of the trade but to share it with all employees. This way every customer gets the best cut possible. With a focus on hair and teaching, The Cutting Room has no time or need for frills or gimmicks.

With this insight in mind, we created a campaign to show their unique place within the community.

Two social media ad concepts sit side by side. The first says, “No gimmicks. Just good haircuts.” The second says, “The theme of our barbershop is barbershop.”
An image of a barbershop chair overlaid with added noise serves as the backdrop of The Cutting Room logo.


An updated logo package showed more sophistication and artistry while allowing them to be more versatile using their different marks for merchandise and other touchpoints.

An Instagram story ad shows a brush and various razors with the words “You’re not paying for TV’s. You’re paying for a great haircut.” The call-to-action is “Book Now.”


We honed in on a confident, to-the-point brand voice. After all, the shop is run by master barbers. They have every right to be cocky. We wanted to show that The Cutting Room’s focus is on good, solid haircuts. They’re not concerned with anything else. So we honed their message around the fact that they are a classic barbershop giving high-end haircuts.

We had on-site photography and made campaign content to be used for social as well as out-of-home media.

We also established paid search and paid social campaigns for The Cutting Room, increasing their online bookings.

An ad shows a stylist giving someone a haircut with the text, “What happened to barbershops being barbershops.” The ad is featured at a bus stop along a busy street.
Six stylists pose for a picture. The image is on a dark wood grain background with a simplified version of the logo below it. This logo features only two razor blades and the location – Ft. Worth, Texas.


Our client was thrilled. They loved the work so much, they couldn’t wait to implement it. They reported an immediate increase in bookings and walk-ins, their online impressions grew by 3,100% and conversions increased 1,700% all while keeping the cost-per-click lower than the industry average.

We added a light filter to the image of the six stylists and increased the contrast.
Black leather barber chairs are in two rows with another black leather lounge chair in the middle. Dark hardwood floor and dark cabinets serve a stark contrast to the white counters and lights around the mirrors.
Four stylists cut the hair of four clients side by side.
The Cutting Room storefront sits on a street corner with apartments and a wooden fence in the background.

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