Artly Coffee

Creating an identity for Artly, your friendly neighborhood barista bot.

The Challenge

Introduce a robot barista service into a world where people are skeptical of AI and its ability to produce anything of quality.

The Problem

No one expects a robot to be able to make a really good cup of coffee. On top of that, people are worried about AI replacing humans in the workforce.

Our Approach

We branded Artly so that you could see friendliness and warmth from your first glance, and made a big robot arm more approachable so that more people would try its coffee drinks.


Artly was created on the foundation of artful expression of the robot. The robot produces consistently beautiful latte art with each order. We wanted to encourage customers to be their own artists and give them cups that they could color in themselves.

Brand Position

Artly offers incredibly intelligent and delicious coffee for all.

Brand Promise

Artly’s mission is to utilize technology to bring high-quality coffee and a unique experience to coffee- drinkers in every space.

Retail Design

In addition to a visual identity, Artly needed to design their retail locations to be consistent for a variety of location types from standalone mall kiosks to large cafés.

The majority of Artly locations were standalone kiosks. We needed to find a way to have a menu board, place to sell product, to go in and out of the kiosk for cleaning and maintenance, have multiple robot modules, a station for coffee fixings and a bakery case all in a 10 x 15 ft space.

Services Provided

Research & Strategy

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand Identity

Logo & Tagline


Responsive Website

Website Programming

Brand Touchpoints

Brand Guidelines

Packaging Design

Digital Marketing

Paid Social

Social Media Guidelines

Illustration Library

Interior Design

Retail Experience Design



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