Head Canvas Barbershop

All pronouns deserve a good haircut.

The Challenge

Frankie Edwards created Head Canvas Barbershop, an independent venture centered around his vision of being an inclusive, accepting barbershop and overcoming the overly masculine stereotype of typical barber shops. Frankie needed a brand to identify with and communicate their values and speak to the community that he is passionate about: LGBTQ.

Our Approach

Position the brand as a speakeasy-style barbershop that gives special attention to the LGBTQ and CIS communities alike.

Inspired by Frankie’s personality, there were certain elements that needed to be included in the brand: 

  • Frankie’s love of tattoo culture
  • Largely black and red
  • Use a rose as a focal point for the logo
  • Add visual elements that would give nod to the trans community

The vision for the logo was largely complex so we decided to balance all of the elements in a detailed visual with a lot of moments of discovery centered around a rose and a skull, a trans barbershop pole and a script typeface that adds a more personal touch to the logo.

Responsive logo design

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